Giant Himalayan Lily bulbs and seeds from Craven Garden

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Cardiocrinum giganteum

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The Giant Himalayan Lily is a majestic plant and a remarkable plant to have growing in your garden.

The flower heads tower on stems over feet tall, and at the base, the flower stems are over two inches thick.

Good things such as this however, do not come easily. The seeds take 2 years in the correct conditions to germinate. After this, bulbs take five years to produce flowering stems.

The process is full of pitfalls as watering and care conditions need to be just right, and even then, the immature bulbs are very attractive to slugs, and these pests can destroy many bulbs in one overnight feeding frenzy!

I have been germinating the seeds for a number of years, and have grown these on to produce many bulbs successfully, and will share my tips and tricks on this web site. You can use this information to either produce bulbs of your own or, if not, appreciate the work I put into producing mine.

It all begins with a seed

The flower heads of the lily point downwards at an angle, yet once the petals drop, the remaining part of each of the flowers begin to swell and move into a fully upright position

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